Basically everything.

 I have a lot of things to say. We all do.

But do we?

Do we say what’s really on our mind or what’s in our heart?

We definitely don’t tell the stranger sitting next to us about our

intimate fears, traumas, dramas, questions, joys, triumphs or beliefs.

Do we even tell those who are closest to us both in bond and in blood?

Yes and No.

Almost always, we cover the basic topics. Here are a few examples:

The shit-storm we call politics. This is an easy one. Even British people take time to talk about Trump.

The world has taken time to talk about Trump.

I ask you, how can one take a breath when a lion like predator is on a full blown, ego fueled and blind rampage?

 The Best Show Ever.

Our favorite shows. Entertainment. Art. Music. All that stuff that inspires and excited us. All the stuff that lets us crawl out of our own skin and into a fictional someone else’s.

All the stuff that gives us fresh air to breath, and doubles as a momentary breather from real life.

The Drama.

Talking shit about shit that doesn’t matter.

Things to talk about just because…it’s easy and convenient and there.

It’s like reaching for the cookies you know aren’t good for you and you shouldn’t be eating.

Anyway, you get the point. We often talk about everything other than what we should and need to be talking about.

Obviously I’ve been giving this a lot of thought.

I’ve had a lot of thinking time. Quiet time to ruminate and examine. I’ve been doing this on my twice daily ride on the train and bus, while sitting in the library, standing at the cutting tables, walking around the city, wondering where the heck I’m going.

Really though, where I’m going in LIFE.

Where I’m going that DAY.

Where I’m going to get TEA and an AVOCADO.

Where I’m going with this project.

Ah, yes. The White Project.

A kind of legendary Central Saint Martins first year fashion project and the first real induction into CSM world.

Imagine watching about 40 blind mice navigate their way through unknown and challenging territory, bumping into things and

stumbling over strategically placed objects.

That’s what the White Project is like, or at least how I see it.

This project is like a gymnasium for first year, first term fashion students.

And boy, are those muscles sore and a bit confused.

Until yesterday I thought I was the only one totally unsure of what they’re doing and where they’re going.

I was wrong. After TALKING to a few of my peers after a day in the studio it turns out, we were all generally feeling the same.

Wondering where we are going and what we are doing. A bit lost and confused.

It’s amazing what a little CONVERSATION can do.

Quite often, we tense up and stop our real selves and real feelings from leaving the house. Instead, we put them in the closet with a few chew toys and the soothing sounds of Animal Planet. Later, we come home, open that closet door only to find shit on the carpet and the pitiful remains of your favorite shoes.

(Maybe, you should advocate for a bring your dog to work day.)

Let’s talk about today…

I’m pretty sure that this happened just so I could scurry home and use it for this post.

 I was waiting for a train going to the Flower Market when a random girl asked me for directions.

Given that I was on the wrong platform to begin with doesn’t make me the best guide.

Even so, I think she made it to her destination.

She was from Finland, had been in London for a month and was going home in December.

 I asked her how she liked London and she put into words exactly how I was feeling.

It’s an adjustment. It’s overwhelming. It’s like navigating a herd of running cattle every time you leave the house.

We both miss the open space. The fresh air. The quiet.

It was a lovely exchange, a comforting and serendipitous conversation.

Her train came and she left.

Isn’t it funny how these things work.

Just in the space of five minutes, talking to a stranger, your world vision and emotional compass can change?

It’s kind of remarkable.

It was a great day.

I encourage you to TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO TALK ABOUT and I will do the same.

It’s REALLY important.

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