Thoughts on Living Today:

I think the moment I stopped being able to put complete sentences, or thoughts for that matter together was when a known rapist (amongst other things) was confirmed president-elect of our country, the United States of America.

Waking up in London, England sitting up in bed and hearing my mother painfully tell me that our worst fears had been counted and were now dramatically stacked against us is a memory for the books. That gut wrenching, stomach twisting, uterus flinching feeling is one I will never forget. The feeling that something died, crudely buried in an honor less grave and left to decompose is a feeling I just can’t shake.

I’m not going to sugar coat things, or put a red bow on a box just because it’s now December and Christmas is all around us.

This is hard.

Waking up is hard and getting dressed is hard. Figuring out the right route is hard and navigating the crowds is hard.

Life right now is/can be hard.

Really, I don’t mean to be Miss Debbie Downer over here, and no, I’m not depressed.

But I am grieving. And I am trying to make sense of things. The imbalance and injustice, the hate and the fear and the greed.

How do you face this? I guess it’s just that, you face it. With the wind on your face and the rain on your back and the sun in your eyes. Yeah, you face it. And not alone, but together. Together, Together, Together. 

Have a ___________ second day of December.


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