“I’ve been work work work work working on my shit”

-Iggy Azalea

Sometimes there are situations in life when one must simply say “fuck it”. Yes, I just said fuck.

There are moments when one is not able to fully analyze a situation and must simply jump in. Or, perhaps in a time of despair, a person might use this phrase as an acknowledgement of defeat.

Actually, using the phrase “fuck it” can be a truly freeing and liberating experience. You are not giving up on your life, leaving all of your ambitions behind for copious amounts of marijuana. No, you are purely letting go of all the shit (there it is, another expletive)  in order to step into something new. Further more, saying “fuck it” if used correctly, gives one  permission to not care SO much. Because that’s part of the problem, sometimes we care way, way, WAY too fucking much. And care can sometimes turn into a problematic obsessive control or concern. Sometimes.

I will speak for myself when I say that my investment and the care I put into my work can turn into that obsessive control and concern. It becomes debilitating. Perfectionism is a blessing…and a curse (any Monk fans will get this one). Saying “fuck it” was perhaps the most wonderful words I have said in a good while.

During my time in London I found that there are no limits to the limits. The box or circle or square that we put ourselves in is purely man/woman made. We make our own limitations. It’s a very simple concept, yet, we continue to make it complex and difficult.

This brings me to my second topic. Shit. We all have it. And I refer to Iggy Azalea when I say we all need to work on it. This can mean a plethora of things. Whether it means going to a therapist, spending extra time in the studio, hitting the books, going to the gym or simply improving digestion, working on our shit is incredibly important.

Attending a course at CSM was me working on my shit. It was a step in the direction I intend to take. And although it wasn’t the full on BA course, it gave me an idea of what the school is like and what is to come. Not to mention how much shit needs to be done in order for me to even think about applying. Central Saint Martins is the world’s leading fashion/art college in the world…they only take the good shit. So I had best get working on mine.

Here are my parting words/ advice.

Stand tall in the middle of a room in a moment of panic or stress and say “fuck it”. Then dance to your favorite music, not giving a single fuck about how silly or awkward you might look.

Also, work on the shit. Get to the stuff that matters, make stuff that matters and feel all of the things that matter. Working on shit on all spectrums is incredibly important and I really do think that digging deep and getting to it is probably one of the most important things to do in life.

YAY for working on our shit!

Please keep in mind I am taking my own advice. This post isn’t meant to be a sermon or self-help book.

On a lighter note…

Thanks for reading!


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