This is the rule I always give myself: that nothing new can come from a situation that involves

being free or that does’t involve suffering.”

-Rei Kawakubo


There are some days when one needs to be reminded why we do the things we do. Why we pursue what we love most, why we continue to work on a project that may or may not garner appreciation or publicity, why we train for a race that we could end up not even finishing.

I had one of those days, actually month(s). Because somewhere between the creativity, the curiosity, the controlled and the uncomfortable the spark that propelled me dwindled a bit. It didn’t extinguish, yet it was seeking the oxygen necessary to nourish and fuel it. So eventually that tiny spark would grow and grow and grow into a bonfire…yes, there is so many opportunities for metaphors and analogies. I’ll just get to the point. The spark that I began this extensive excursion with has been re-ignited.

Today was one of the days that gave me much need oxygen. An opportunity to breath in a future that with quite a lot of work and steadfastness could be mine…


So this is my first official posting. And because a little encouragement never hurts, feel free to post a note, share a thought or simply say hello!

One more thing… My posts 99% of the time won’t be long winded, or lengthy, overly intellectual and introspective. They will be snippets and a bit like short newspaper clippings, phrases and mementoes.

Oh…and there will be grammatical errors and made up words. But since one of my goals is to focus more on process and less on perfection I think this is fitting.

To those on the West Coast good afternoon, good evening East Coasters and a very good night to London.

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