Hello All!

It’s a short post today with a few odds, ends and (hopefully) interesting tidbits.

Reading has been bumped up on my To Do List.

I read on my daily bus ride and completely forget that a crack addict is sitting next to me. It’s great!

Here are a few of my favorites so far:

Rob Bell’s How To Be Here

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Show Your WorkAustin Kleon’s sequel to Steal Like An Artist

Daily Rituals by Mason Currey is good too. It’s clear that a lot of creative habits and rituals are fueled by coffee and odd work hours. Plus, reading about how great people ate breakfast, went on walks and basically did the same basic things as you and I made these icons a seem a little less like geniuses and more like people. It was an interesting read, however I found that about 90% of those who I was reading about were men. Yes, women like Jane Austen and Twyla Tharp were sprinkled throughout the book, but I found that reading the book somewhat resembled like hunting for a eggs in a skimpy easter Egg hunt.

Bramble & C.’s design and development takes first place when it comes to the To Do List.

Things are moving along and it’s quite exciting. 

Thank you all for your support and encouragement: notes, orders, comments and suggestions!

Today, two bags and I made a trip to the post office where I wished them safe travels and sent them off for new adventures!


I’ve been busy in my little studio making little stitches and sketches. Working on some different things, odds and ends, bits and bobs.

A while ago, I heard Stevie Wonder say “a whole lot of littles, make a whole lot of lots.” 

Small things shouldn’t be overlooked, swept up and discarded.

Instead these tiny things, small things, odd things can be collected and utilized.

Once again, I’ll mention that I’ve been thinking quite a lot about fishing. Perhaps this is because it’s Summertime, or perhaps it’s because my Grandfather’s birthday was July 10th and the petit fishing rod he gifted me is something I remember him by.

Either way, I’ve been thinking about fishing.

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