Our decisions are going to have more and more weight as we edge towards January and whatever future will arrive.

Even the smallest of decisions. They matter. Everything we do matters. 

It either adds to the nice list, or the naughty list. And it’s up to us what list we’re on.

This sounds very black and white, good and bad. No real grey area to puddle about in.

But I think when you’re talking about the difference between love and hate, right and wrong, there is no grey area.

There is no safety zone. 

Perhaps this viewpoint is closed minded. Perhaps this outlook is exclusive and rigid.

Perhaps this idea doesn’t consider all the factors affecting a situation.

That’s for you/us to decide. 

And for us to act upon. 

Now is the time to don our shields, represent our house and rise. With formations tight and hearts open. 

Stand firm and strong for the values of our house, of our blood lines.

The principles of our core.

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