Well, Hello there! It’s been quite a while since I last visited. I thought I would check in.

Obviously, so much has happened that literally NO ONE KNOWS WHERE TO BEGIN.

It’s been little over a week, how can we get through four years of this?

Some mornings I wake up feeling like the world’s end is at our heels.

Then other mornings I wake up ready to save it.


So the joke is on you Trump.

Here is a brief re-count of occurred events since I’ve arrived back in London:

I moved three times in the space of a week. What an adventure that was. Landed in London, tried to locate new flat in the dark, in  pouring rain. Arrived at new flat. Picked up school things from previous room. Due to various circumstances, left the new room and moved into a temporary Airbnb…all in the the dark, in the pouring rain. Found new, beautiful, amazing flat/room all thanks to one, outstanding friend.

Everything except moving from Airbnb to new flat was accomplished in ONE day, more like a few hours really.

And did I mention, the day I moved into my glorious new home, it started to snow? Real snow, flurries of snow! In London!

Instead of staying inside, eating peanut butter from a jar and unpacking, I was encouraged to go out and walk in the magical wonderland that is LONDON in the SNOW. All bundled up with two layers of wool socks, out I went. And it was amazing.

When I came home for Christmas, everyone was asking how I liked London, and the truth was I didn’t really know. My previous housing was WAY, WAY out there and so I never really got a taste of the city. Now I’m here, in the thick of things and absolutely loving it.

I wake up and go ‘Taya, you are in London. LONDON. In London and studying art. Boy, is this amazing or what?.”

Last term was what I am going to call an adjustment period.

Everything was new and the city was overwhelming, the commute was exhausting and I was stumbling around slightly more proficiently than a clueless tourist. However, I’m not sure if it’s because of the election, or like I said the probable threat of our county’s demise, but things have changed and I’m ready to go. It seems to me like many others are feeling the fire beneath their arse as well.


On January 20th, I went into the bank and saw pre-inaguation footage on the screens above the desk and almost started to cry at the counter. Literally, I was simply trying to deposit a check and almost lost it. You would have thought they’d frozen my accounts or there was nothing in them to cause me to cry. But no….just my President.

I  apologized to all of the bank tellers.

No, it isn’t my fault, but my country, our country that we love is now an EMBARRASSMENT and a MENACE.

And it is up to us, those of us who believe and trust in the true principles and moral fibre of America to UPHOLD and CHALLENGE

Let’s see, what else?

Oh yeah, the Women’s March London. SO AMZING. SO MANY PEOPLE and SO MUCH GOODNESS.

Again, to be in London, England marching in protest against my AMERICAN president was surreal.


A little less monumental, but equally thrilling is the purchase of a new sewing machine for working at home on school and other, very exciting projects.

(It arrived a few days ago and weighs approximately the same as a baby elephant.)

Hooray! And here we go!

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